Lasting Resolutions

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Lasting resolutions

Happy New Year! 2017 is here and it is a great time to reflect on last year! How did you do with your health goals? Did you eat healthier in 2016 than you did in 2015? What about exercise? Are you stronger than you used to be? Maybe you improved in some aspects of your health and not so much in other aspects.   Read More

Keeping Healthy Priorities

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I love this time of year! Love, joy, peace . . . giving, sharing . . . and most of all, remembering that Christ was born to bring the best gift of all—salvation! With all that we do to celebrate, the month is so special! However, it becomes very chaotic and hard to keep our health a priority. Here are a few survival tips to keep you going!   Read More

Holiday Feasting Tips 2016

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“Happy Thanksgiving!” Can you believe we will be hearing this greeting in about three weeks?! Time for family, friends, food, and football! It’s such a great time to reflect on God’s blessings! Unfortunately, it is also a time when so many over-indulge on food. The average American consumes anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 calories on    Read More

No one wants to work out all the time

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Let’s be honest.

No one wants to work out all the time. “I’m too tired. I forgot my shoes. I have family coming to visit. I am too busy”. . . . Is this you? Do you dread heading to the gym? Do you wonder if you are the only one who doesn’t want to be there? Trust me. You are not alone.  Even the Olympic athlete, the fanatical cross-fitter, the marathon runner dreads training—at least some of the time.   Read More

Healthy Summer Fun Tips

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It’s summer . . . Finally! WooHoo! Time to pack up and head to the cabin; soak up the sun at the lake; camp with the family; and take the kids to swimming lessons, ball camp, and soccer. Oh wait! It’s also time to mow the lawn; plant the garden; finish summer projects; and celebrate graduations, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. I guess we also need to cram 5 days of work into 4 days so we can get away for the weekend.    Read More