Are Your Muscles Broken? Part 2


In my last article, I shared my story about how I came across MAT (Muscle Activation Technique), a revolutionary approach to assess a client’s muscular system to determine what muscles are not working correctly and fix the problem. I have completed my course and am officially certified as an MAT lower body specialist! I am now able to help correct many of the painful issues many individuals experience: IT band syndrome, runner’s knee, repetitive ankle sprains, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, patella femoral syndrome, knee pain, hip pain, bursitis, etc. How is this possible? Let me explain:

I will compare the muscular system to a work committee. If there is a committee of 10 people in charge of a project and 3 of the committee members become hurt and have to step away, what happens? The other 7 people probably pitch in and do the work of the three, right? They are probably happy to fill in for a time, but if left in this situation, the 7 healthy active individuals probably get a little cranky. They might complain, they might not be as efficient because of the heightened work load, or they might get sick themselves and have to drop out. This leaves the project delayed or never completed. However, if the other three committee members become healthy and come back to the committee to participate, all is restored. Everyone is able to do the job they are trained to perform and the project can be completed efficiently and correctly. The muscular system is the same way. Each muscle is designed for a specific purpose. When inflammation, injury, over-use, dehydration, or poor nutrition is present, muscles shut down and are no longer capable of performing their specific purpose. This causes other muscles to “pitch in” and do more than they are designed to do. These overworked muscles become tight, painful, weak, and overused which eventually leads to injury and pain. With MAT, I can assess which muscles are not working correctly and “wake them up”. This is done from a therapy table—no need for heavy workout equipment and months of physical therapy exercises. The technique is relatively painless, easy for the patient and highly affective!

I am humbled to have discovered this technique and am thrilled to offer this treatment to the St. Cloud area. How much does it cost? Currently, I am offering a special! For the month of March, the cost is only $50 per treatment! How long is a treatment? It only takes an hour! How many treatments do I need? One treatment . . . . multiple treatments . . . it depends upon the severity of your pain, the injuries you have sustained, age, and your overall health. Who needs MAT? Everyone! MAT can be used to correct muscle function (whether or not pain exists) which improves overall health and/or athletic performance.

Call me today and discover how MAT can help you!


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Are Your Muscles Broken? Part 1

For years, people have been coming to me to work out because I know how to guide them through a workout that produces results without causing further injury. I know what exercises you should do and shouldn’t do if you have problems with your knee, shoulder, hip, etc. Upon watching people working out with these injuries, I see many interesting movement patterns. For example, if someone has a knee injury, they might limp; one hip might hike up higher than the other; the foot might point in; or the torso might twist incorrectly.

As a trainer, I am always studying these patterns to learn whether I should adapt the workout further to correct these movement variables, change their form, or accept these discrepancies as their unique movements. While exercise in the best and most effective way to correct and prevent health risk and injury, there is a small percentage of people who will still suffer from minimal pain—that achy knee, throbbing shoulder, or stiff neck. Their physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist has done what they can to help, yet pain and limited movement remains. I was sharing this frustration with a doctor friend, and he gave me a resource that can fill this void and correct even more severe issues. It’s call MAT (Muscle Activation Technique). It’s a revolutionary approach to assess a client’s muscular system to determine what muscles are not working correctly and fix the problem. It can restore function and correct muscle weakness. It can help an athlete perform better, an injured layman receive pain relief, and a desk job worker prevent back injury. After years of study, observing muscle imbalances, listening to the problems people face due to injury, and understanding the needs of athletes, I know that MAT is a key directive that will provide for the needs of my clients! So, I have embarked on studying this technique! Once certified, people will have the opportunity to come to my studio for a MAT treatment whether or not they are training with me. I will also incorporate this technique into training sessions to help my clients receive and even more customized workout that can reduce or eliminate pain and increase athletic performance.

As I get closer to the completion of this course, more information will come. In the meantime, feel free to call me with questions. I’m very excited to share more!

Is Body Fat OK?

Did you know it’s ok to have some fat on those bones? Your body was designed to carry a bit around your muscles and organs. It is beneficial for energy storage; keeping us warm; protecting us from trauma; delivering nutrients to the body; for skin, hair, and nail health; fertility; and mental health. While fat has its benefits, most of our population needs to lose fat, not increase fat. So how much is just right? The chart below can give you a general idea of the correct percentage for you. With this being the time of year to reflect and act on your health, feel free to stop in to my studio. I would be happy to test your body fat and give you some recommendations.

Have a happy healthy New Year!

Chart provided by NASM

Peace or Chaos for the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is crazy! So many parties, get-togethers, shopping trips, and concerts! Life is usually full without these events—now we need to add more? Yikes! It’s easy to get caught up in the madness. We over-extend, over-commit, and over-eat! We want to go to all the events, help those in need, and enjoy the scrumptious treats. We say, Love . . joy. . . peace to all, but do we really experience this in our personal life? Or do we allow ourselves to become angry, discontent, and annoyed along the way.


This year, try keeping it simple.

Say that tough word (“No”) and stay home to relax and reflect on the reason for the season: Christ, who came to Earth as a baby, to bring us the most wonderful gift of love . . . salvation.


Once you have taken your “time-out” for reflection, get some exercise. With all the hustle, it’s tempting to neglect your health. Don’t do it! You need exercise to relieve stress, burn off the extra calories you consumed, and keep your immune system functioning. Here are a few quick ways to get in the workouts:

  1. Make an appointment for your workouts and don’t reschedule. Meet a friend or hire a trainer to keep you on track.
  2. Take the parking spot farthest from your destination so you can get in a brisk walk.
  3. Take the stairs, not the elevator.
  4. Break for 15 min each day: do some stretching, squats, planks, supermans, pushups, and jumping jacks. They are simple, easy to remember, and oh so good for you!
  5. At family get-togethers, play some football, go for a walk as a family, or play some basketball. You will bond more as a family while getting some exercise.

Have a very healthy and Merry Christmas!

Key Workout Ingredients

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Wow! That’s expensive!

Recently, I was talking with a client who expressed how important it has been for her to train with me. While personal training is not expensive, she explained that the accountability, support, and education she receives for her health is worth any expense she might pay. Personal training has helped her and many of my other clients improve and correct their health. I pondered her statement and decided to research the cost of being unhealthy. Wow! It’s expensive! Here’s what I discovered:   Read More

Get S.M.A.R.T!

Get S.M.A.R.T!

August! It’s the last month to cram in as much summer fun as possible before school begins! It’s also a great time to reflect on your health and determine what you would like to accomplish in the Fall. I encourage you to take time this month to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for your health. Even better, sit down with your kids, significant other, or best friend and make these plans together. You can help, support, and encourage each other along the way!Read More

Extinguish the Burn of Heartburn! -by guest writer Kari Collett

by Kari Collett, RDN, LDN, CLT

A to Zinc Nutrition, LLC

When we experience the discomfort of heartburn, as most of us do at one time or another, we tend to attribute it to too much stomach acid. While it’s true that stomach acid backing up into the esophagus is the cause of heartburn, it’s not always the case that we have too much stomach acid. In fact, it could be that you have too little. How does that happen?   Read More

Healthy Restaurant Tips

Do you ever eat out? Spending time at a restaurant with family and friends can be an enjoyable event! It’s fun to sit around a table, talk, and spend special time with the ones you love. However, it’s too easy to overeat. Many eat the allotted evening meal’s worth of calories in appetizers and drinks before the entre is even brought to the table! I don’t want you to damage your health or waistline, so here are some tips that will help keep you slim, healthy, and guilt-free.

  1. Decide before you arrive. Check out the menu before you arrive at the restaurant and make your choice before you are hungry. When you arrive, don’t look at the menu. This will help prevent last minute emotional impulses.Read More