Small Group Training

8 sessions per month
(pay additional fee to make this unlimited)

•    Monthly Nutrition/Health/Fitness Education
•    Health Participation challenges
•    Weekly Weigh-ins
•    Bi-Monthly Circumference measurements (as desired)
•    Additional workout plans that can be performed outside of studio
•    Group Accountability
•    Goal-Setting
•    Meal Planning
•    Group Workouts (include strength, core, injury prevention, cardio endurance, balance, flexibility)
•    15 Min Bi-monthly Check-ins with Julia
•    Journal in My Fitness Pal (as desired)
•    Focus on maintainable healthy eating plan

Semi-Private Training

The Perfect Fit specializes in semi-private training (groups of 2-6 people). This is a great way to get the attention and care of personal training in a group atmosphere with less cost. You will get goal-specific workouts, accountability to nutrition, and friends to cheer you on! Our trainers can place you into a group with similar interests and/or goals.  Already have a team of friends that want to work out with you? Bring them in! We will “fit” your private group into the studio schedule!

Make the decisions, work the plan, and reap the benefits!

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