Key Workout Ingredients

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Have you ever gone out to eat and left saying, Wow! That was an amazing experience!” What made it fantastic? Maybe it had all the essentials nutrients to keep you healthy. Maybe the meal had a variety of textures and flavors to keep you guessing. How about the presentation? Maybe there were several colors to make for beautiful presentation. Maybe you left energized by the healthy options and appropriate portions instead of leaving bloated and lethargic. Or, the people you ate with could have been the reason the meal was so enjoyable!  

A good workout should also make for a great experience. It should contain many comparable ingredients to not only make it effective, but enjoyable. So, what are the key ingredients needed to create a great workout? I thought you would never ask!!

KEY NUTRIENTS: An effective workout should include exercises that work all your muscle groups.

  • Many men tend to focus on their upper body while neglecting their core and legs.
  • Many women tend to focus on the opposite. They are passionate about working their core and legs while neglecting their upper body.

A great workout should work upper and lower body muscles while also focusing on smaller muscles that stabilize and prevent injury. A good work out should also include exercises that improve balance and core while challenging the heart with cardio-based exercises.

VARIETY: A great workout contains a variety to keep you guessing. Repetition has its place, but for many, it causes boredom and burnout. Who wants to go to the gym to do the same workout every day for days, weeks, and even months?

Variety is important for experience but also to keep your body guessing. Variety causes the body to burn more calories and challenges it with new ways to improve.

OVERDOING IT: Have you ever over-eaten at a restaurant? How did you feel? Exhausted? Lethargic? Sick? These similar feelings can occur when you exercise too hard.  The body does so much in one day. If you aren’t listening to your body and push yourself too hard during a workout, you could over-work the body causing un-necessary fatigue, illness, and injury.

COMPANY: Company makes for an enjoyable meal experience. Time is enjoyable when spent with people you care for and who share in similar hobbies and/or interests. On the other hand, a meal eaten with someone who is negative and talks about topics you don’t enjoy can make the evening drag on. When exercising, a workout can be more enjoyable when done with people who are positive, encouraging, and relate to your health goals.

At The Perfect Fit, I work extremely hard to make sure that you have an amazing experience each time you exercise. I want you to receive a work out that challenges all muscle groups to improve your quality of life and not cause injury. Your workouts are different every week which prevents boredom and causes the body to constantly change. My job as your trainer is also to give you an experience that is positive, supportive, and encouraging. Everyone who participates is encouraged to get to know their workout buddies so that we all have an environment that is fun and helpful. This is why my studio is The Perfect Fit for me and my clients. Call me today! I would be happy to show you how my studio can be the perfect fit for you!

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