Injuries Suck!

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Exercise can be a struggle for anyone, let alone when you are recovering from an injury. Exercise is no longer in your routine again. You might have done some emotional eating while recovering. And, you might feel “fluffy” from lack of exercise and extra weight gain. You might say, “I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself again.” Or, “I don’t have time to workout anymore.” or “I won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the group!” This self-talk can debilitate. One week becomes two weeks becomes 2 months becomes . . . a long time!

How do you stop this self-sabotage? Do it anyway. While the answer is simple, it may not be easy. You have to shut off the mental or emotional excuses and fears. Yes, you need to proceed with caution, but nonetheless, you must proceed. First, find a trainer who understands injury and hire them. They are trained to know how to help you move forward with exercise in a way that will prevent further injury and make you stronger. Second, schedule your workouts during a time that you won’t become distracted by other priorities. Third, complete your workouts in an environment that is supportive and motivational. This might be in your home with positive uplifting music or it could be at your local gym with friends who will encourage you without any judgement. Fourth, substitute unhealthy foods with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. The junk food might have tasted amazing, but highly nutritious foods can improve mental clarity and focus while improving emotional well-being and. . . . help you lose those unwanted pounds.

Take it from me, injuries are hard to overcome! It takes stamina to fight for your health and get past the yuck. Set some new goals, make a plan, and work on it day by day. You too can succeed. Have faith and keep going!

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