Do It Anyway!

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Do It Anyway

No one wants to work out all the time. “I’m too tired. I forgot my shoes. I have family coming to visit. I am too busy”. . . Is this you? Do you dread heading to the gym? Do you wonder if you are the only one who doesn’t want to be there?

Trust me. You are not alone.  Even the Olympic athlete, the fanatical cross-fitter, the marathon runner dreads training—at least some of the time.

So what does the athlete do that sets them apart? What can you do to be like them? Want to know?

The answer is simple. Do it anyway.

Tired? Do it anyway. Busy? Do it anyway. Yep! That’s it! Not the answer you wanted? Sorry, it’s the truth. So many times we fool ourselves into thinking that our drama, our fatigue, or our schedule is the problem. Nope. It’s our mindset. When we determine that nothing will stop us, it won’t. You get up. You put on your gym pants. You go workout. That’s it!

Uggh. I know, my answer is ugly and it’s blunt, but it’s the truth. I only say it because I care and because I know the payoff is worth it. When we say no to our excuses and force ourselves to workout, the benefits are amazing!

Self-confidence, energy, strength, focus, empowerment, will-power, longevity! Who wouldn’t want these! That one morning, when you are tempted to turn off the alarm clock to sleep in, what decision will you make? It’s that one day, one moment, when you say no to the emotion and say yes to your health. That’s when magic happens!

That one day of determination that leads to another day of determination that leads to another day of determination. The habit is created! The routine has been created! Eventually, the excuses disappear and the benefits flood in. With time, you realize that life is so much better. You realize the life you once lived was so deprived of health and vitality. You realize you never want to go back!

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