Accelerated Jump

2nd Summer Session start:
July 18th – Aug 24th 2018

3 sessions per week (may include a week gap)

•    Weekly Weigh-ins
•    Circumference measurements (At beginning and end)
•    Additional workout plans that can be performed outside of studio
•    Journal in My Fitness Pal
•    Group Accountability
•    Goal-Setting
•    Meal Planning
•    Group Workouts (include strength, core, injury prevention, cardio endurance, balance, flexibility)

Here’s the scoop:
Set your goals for the 6 Weeks.
Decide on when you will be working out with Julia and when you will fit in additional workouts.

  • 4-5 workouts must be completed every week to see optimal results:
  • 3 at The Perfect Fit and 1-2 additional workouts at home, in a gym, or outside! Julia will provide you with a plan for all 5 workouts.
  • Schedule all your workouts with Julia on Zen Planner.
  • Start journaling your food intake in My Fitness Pal.
  • Start meal planning (may use the plan sheet Julia provides).
  • Circumference measurements will be taken on weeks one and six.
  • Weekly weigh-ins will be taken on the first session of the week.

As you begin to workout with your group, get to know your workout buddies, cheer them on, and go to Julia for advice. Speak up about your needs and concerns—the workout times are your opportunity to feed on the knowledge and support of your trainer and the support of your buddies! We will celebrate your accomplishments at the end!
You got this!

You will see fantastic results when you put your all into this program. The program works and the support and encouragement of your trainer and workout team makes it last!

Make the decisions, work the plan, and reap the benefits!

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