Do you struggle with your health?  Do you find yourself stressed out, juggling a miriad of responsibilities, and having a hard time figuring out when you will sleep–let alone when you will work out and eat well?  The Perfect Fit personal training studio is a place you can go to focus on you.  Julia will look at your entire life (stresses, health conditions, injuries, life goals) to help you set priorities, filter through the clutter and succeed.  Life and time is too valuable.  Let go of your frustrations and call Julia today.

Julia Krengel

Personal Trainer and Owner

With over 15 years experience in fitness, Julia has what is needed to help you reach your goals.  She has gone through many struggles herself. She knows what it is like to be overweight, injured, unhealthy and overwhelmed and has learned what tools work and don’t work for success. Her passion is caring for the health needs of others.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain your current weight, beat your best athletic record, or to create healthy life balance, she can help.  Protecting an old injury?  No problem.  Julia has the experience necessary to keep you moving without further injury.  Julia gives guidance and structure that will help you succeed!

“Who am I?  I am a real person – just like you or anyone.  I have strengths and weaknesses, good days and bad days, accomplishments and discouragements.  Some mornings it’s tough to get out of bed!  I dream of spending more time with my family.  I wish I could eat all my favorite foods such as chocolate and salty snacks as much as I like without consequences!  I am often overwhelmed with running my own business, volunteering in my church and community, and keeping up with my two favorite teenagers:  Taylor and Katrina.  I also try to be the best wife for my wonderful, supportive husband Matt.

Thanks to my new career path, I have rediscovered the tools I had all along to achieve the health and self-confidence I was lacking.  My struggle has been, and still is, as real as anyone’s.  I work hard at juggling family, career, and more while trying to eat healthy and get regular exercise.  I gained 30 pounds after having children because I continued to eat for two!  Now, years later, my body wants to slow down and I find myself working at losing weight again.  It’s so much more challenging this time.  But I continue to pursue staying active and healthy for my long-term vision as “super grandma” someday.

The tools that have empowered me are the tools I share with my clients.  We set goals, we work hard, and we build on successes.  As a team, we track and celebrate progress, we overcome barriers, and through it all we have fun!”


B.S. Degree in Youth Ministries with an emphasis in physical education



HIIT Intensity Interval Training Home Study

Stretching Anatomy

Pilates: The Fundamentals

Business Mastery Home Study Course

Essence of Body Weight Training

Winning Sports Nutrition

The Pain Free Triathlete

BodyPump training class

Lifeguard Certification

Work Experience

Worked at Sartell Fitness, Snap Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Gym in Otsego, In home training, Rejuv Medical

Taught numerous group fitness classes: pilates, spin, butt and guts, bodypump, boot camp, HIIT, Abs,

Taught run specific training classes

1 year Girls Athletic Director

4 years Coach of volleyball

1 year Assistant coach of baseball, basketball

5 years PE teacher

Lifeguard for 13 years

20 years experience with coaching youth

Project manager and editor of a corporate business model

10 years of part-time retail sales, management and business ownership

Volunteer Race director for the Sartell Apple Duathlon, the oldest multi-sport race in the country

Worked alongside chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic doctor, doctors, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, massage therapists, pilates instructors, body builders, and personal trainers

Sports hobbies

High school sports: volleyball and track and field

Triathlete for 8 years